My name is Kelli and I have been a Massage Therapist since 1996.  I became interested in massage in my early twenties when I got my first massage and finally got real relief for headaches.  Within a few years of that first massage, I enrolled in The Austin School of Massage Therapy and successfully completed the program.  I am fascinated with massage therapy and am always seeking to further my knowledge and enhance my skills through classes as well as research and practice. 

I have gotten a lot of massages over the last 20 years and know it can be challenging to find a massage therapist -- there are so many different styles and options.  I strive to provide my clients with the best quality massage possible....whether you get a massage once a week or once a year.

While working in high volume (macro) spa and chiropractic environments (franchise protocols, get-you-in-and-get-you-out, memberships, package sales, etc), I dreamed of working in an environment where I could truly customize each session based on the preferences and needs of each individual client.   I have created a micro spa where high volume is not the focus... the highest quality and attention to detail is my goal.